I read that the London Eye is the tallest “Big Wheel” or “Ferris Wheel” in Europe! Although it would be fair to say it’s probably the slowest.. I tend to think of it as a prison for tourists, a convenient way to keep them of the streets for an hour or so.

I imagine that a lot of people like looking at a skyline of glass office blocks and the remains of a long bygone power. Personally, I hate the stupid thing as all it reminds me of is super spending war criminal Tony Blair. I console myself that it will probably be gone in another fifty years if not sooner. It’s only a shame that I wont be around to see that happen..

Ferris Wheel

Well for those people that do ride the idiotic thing remember this when you look east towards Tower Bridge and south of the river. A decent set of people did actually live in those houses and flats not so long ago.

Waterloo Sunset

Originally built as artisan houses in the early eighteen hundreds Roupell Street, the nearby Threed Street and Whittlesey Street are primes example of late victorian social housing.


The properties now sell for around one million when they make the market place. I imagine that John Roupell is spinning quite vigorously in his grave knowing the ultimate heritage of his social vision.


The Victoriana tourist trap known as the Kings Arms.. Pints for Passers-by.

Shake-spear’s Local

Just of the back of Blackfriars road between Colombo Street and Paris Gardens you’ll find this great old South London pub.

The Rose and Crown is actually mentioned by Shakespeare in Henry VIII and the building dates back to the 16th century.


When SE1 was taking a pounding during WW2 the pub survived whilst all the other buildings around it were flattened. What a pub!

When you consider some of the crappy architecture this overlooks you wonder if the corrupt and greedy Southwark will do what the Nazi’s couldn’t.